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Jazz Boat vplouvá do Smíchovské komory


The ship was finished in 1982. Its name is Kotva (Anchor) but it is better known as Jazzboat due to its evening jazz music programs. Every night the boat is filled with live jazz music, because of which is this cruise one of the most popular and annually attracts thousands of satisfied customers.

Whether you are looking for a romantic evening, an unsual setting for a birthday party or you just want to escape the reality for a while, Jazzboat enchants you with its magic, quality and hospitality.

Excellent food and drinks are served, offering hot and cold food.

Length:38 m
Width:7 m
Top sun deck capacity:100
Capacity inside:84


Where to stay in Prague?

Hotel1 It is important where in Prague you are going to stay, to enjoy your holiday as much as possible.

Birthday party on a boat

Narozeninová oslava Planning a birthday party for your little one? Let us organise a birthday party of a lifetime on one of our boats!

15% off - cruise with a professional guide

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Become a captain without a licence in Czech, Holland, Germany or Poland!

Malé lodě Yes, you can hire one of our charters without needing a captain's licence or experience.


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