Alternative Holešovice

Alternative Holešovice

We have a new guided tour for you!

What comes to your mind first when you say Prague? Is it the Castle, is it the Charles Bridge, is it the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock? These monuments certainly belong to the rarest historical treasure that Prague offers, but you can see much more. Prague is also a city where you, as children, probably used escalators and visited fast food for the first time, a city with one of the most beautiful ZOO in the world, a city full of life. This is exactly what we want to show you - we offer new guided walking tours for you. Unexplored places, modern tours and fun places.

The first of the new tours that we present to you is a tour of Holešovice. If you are more interested in progress, art and modern architecture than classical history, then this tour is perfect for you. It is said to be one of the 10 most interesting districts in the world this year, you can check it with us.

You can book your private guided tour directly on our website.

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