Papilonia -  a butterfly house

Papilonia - a butterfly house

Did you know that you can find an abandoned rainforest church in Prague?

When you come to the Hamleys building in Na Příkopě Street, at first sight you will get into a huge toy store, where many adults can become children again. However, you will find much more there. You can travel not only back in time, but also between continents. A great experience awaits you on the lower floor. You will enter the temple in the rainforest, where beautiful butterflies live in peace…

Be prepared for sweating. Not because you have to run away from the spears of the natives, but the humidity is 80% and the temperature is constant at 26 ° to make the butterflies feel at home. The builders were inspired by a real temple called Angkor Wat in Cambodia, but the species of butterflies come from all over the world - such as Mexico, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia or sub-Saharan Africa.

Butterflies in Papilonia fly around and they are not ashamed to sit on you. You will have a better chance in colored clothes, for example in yellow. Then all you have to do is enjoy a magical moment and have someone on hand to take you a photo.

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