International Children's day

International Children's day

International Children's day! It´s time to celebrate.

Literally, we all are someone´s children, aren´t we? However, officially, our little ones really celebrate today. Let's wish them well.

The last few weeks have been challenging for everyone, we know how we perceived the situation as adults. However, do we know how our children have understood it? Like a time when you didn´t have to go to school? When did your mother become a teacher? When they were not allowed to play with other children? When did Mom and Dad watch the news and wear face masks over their faces. Did they become bandits? Anyway, it was a big change, if only for a moment in our live. Something was different, something was happening. Now, there is no better opportunity to tell our children that the situation is finally better. How do you celebrate their day? Do you play games at home? You are going on a trip?

If you are wondering about possibilities, we will be happy to recommend a tour with our experienced guides. We will prepare a tour for you, where older children can learn something and the younger ones will not be bored. You can have ice cream along the way and moms can be rewarded with good coffee. There are no limits to your imagination, just like children's fantasy.

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