Are you ready to save the future?

So far, we have known traveling to the future only in the sphere of art and fantasy (if there is somebody among us who would like tell us his secret about some special machine - then we are listening!). Before the time traveling starts to be every day order, we have a new game for you in our ticket section, which will take you into the future at least for a while. However, it is not just any sunny moment, because your task will be to save our future in 2088. It is a difficult task for one person, but if you make a team of four players, you can do the impossible!

Futurento is a unique, fun park, located just a short walk from the Prague Liben stop. The game lasts up to three hours and the area includes parking for cars and buses, a bar with seating and sanitary facilities.

All you need are sportswear and the courage to save the world. Reservations are necessary, ideally at least a week in advance. If you dare, you can find more information in the ticket category.

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