Romantic cruise

If you are going to ask your fianceé to marry you, or if you celebrate an anniversary or simply surprise your love, believe that you will amaze in the best sense of the word.

The boat will provide you with all comfort including additional services. Romantic Prague cruises are not a privilege of the summer months. Also in winter, when it's dark before, you can enjoy beautiful views of the illuminated Prague from the cozy heated deck.

A common toast in the foreground of Charles Bridge, Prague Castle or Vyšehrad and only you two on a swaying boat will leave you with warm memories for a long time.

We offer


  • Picnic baskets with various delicacies
  • Cold bowl
  • Sandwiches
  • Cakes
  • Desserts
  • You can also bring your own refreshment. In this case we charge a fee.
  • Champagne on the boat
    Advent cruise with buffet
    Drinks on the boat
    Basic Refreshment
    Cold bowl

    Additional program

  • Live music: jazz, latino, gypsy, ..., saxophone and clarinet, harmonica, guitarist, keyboards and vocals.
  • Reproduced music: DJ - classical disco or video disco or karaoke.
  • Own music.
  • Professional photographer
  • Salsa - dance performance or dance lessons.
  • Guide or translation services
  • Moderator/conference facilitator
  • Bartending show
  • Jazz
    Live music on the boat

    Enjoy a romantic cruise on a yacht, small or medium-sized boat.

    You can impres and amaze your partner. The cruise on medium-sized ship only for you two will be majestic. You have more space and privacy. Because the boat has a smaller panoramic salon and a larger salon with bar. Smaller ships cannot offer this service but can look cozier.

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    Romantic cruise
    Romantic Prague

    Romantic Prague

    Prague cruise

    Prague cruise

    Wedding on boat

    Wedding on boat

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    Romantic cruise

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